We are temporary work and employee
management specialists. 

We have been in the market since 2001. Our client portfolio is made up of market-leading companies in each of the areas in which we operate.

We started our work in the area of civil construction, naturally followed by the areas of metal mechanics and industrial maintenance by the synergies created between the companies in the sectors and by the versatility of the professionals. 


80% of our billing comes from frequent customers, customers who are satisfied and continue to rely on Manijobs to place professionals.

Later, we opened the areas of Hospitality and Information and Technology. The Hospitality area is known for its seasonality, while the information and technology area presents peaks of work or occasional projects that fit our temporary work offer.

We aim to place professionals with competence and professional talent.

Through a process of evaluation, retention and replacement of the best professionals over time.
When opportunities arise, we have the right resources for every challenge.

Our mission:

Place a qualified and reliable professional within 48 h.



1.Develop management systems, through proximity and proactivity between employees and customers.
2. Maximize digitization and automation of organizational processes.
3. Develop marketing processes.
4. New facilities as a growth factor.
5. Development of an organizational culture of sustainability and growth.
6. Ensure legal and regulatory compliance in force applied to temporary work.
7. Develop a continuous improvement strategy for all critical processes.

What is included
in the price?

Our clients are leading companies in the market, large and medium-sized, looking for qualified and competent professionals to fill temporary vacancies that sometimes become permanent.

Actual Costs

Worker’s Compensation
Taxes, Social Security, Training, etc.
Work Accident Insurance
Administrative Process Management

Intangible Benefits

Placement time before 48 h
Contractual Flexibility
Reduction of Labor and Legal Risk
Administrative Burden Reduction

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